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International Graduate Summer School in Potsdam, Juli 2019

 Prof. Dr. Ralf Brand and his group has organized an international graduate summer school 'Conceptual, theoretical and methodological advances in exercise motivation research: Automaticity and affect‘, which will be held from July 9 to13, 2019 at the University of Potsdam (GER, metropolitan area of Berlin). The school is aimed at excellent young researchers with a Master Degree and Post-Docs with specific research experience, from all over the world. Participation is free of charge, but only by invitation after application. Applicants from the United States have the opportunity to apply for scholarships (travel and accommodation) of up to 1,350 USD (p.p.).

The school will be mentored by Paddy Ekkekakis (USA), Boris Cheval (Switzerland), Franziska Antoniewicz (Germany) and Ralf Brand (Potsdam).
Both NASPSPA and FEPSAC have formally endorsed the event, for which we are very grateful!
The summer school will be held in the week before the 15th FEPSAC European Congress of Sport & Exercise Psychology in Muenster and it may be a great opportunity to come to Germany a few days earlier!
Here is the website with the announcement:
If you consider this Summer School interesting and useful, please spread the news especially to colleagues and students from your personal network who you think could benefit from participating.


  • 07.03.2019